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Enrolment Form for Extra Video Lessons in May-June

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1. Back-to-School Programme及 返校準備中文課程
2. Exam Practice考試預備班 (TST 尖沙咀 English | 中文 | 數學 )
(WC 灣仔 English | 中文 )
3. Stella Programme (English courses) 採星計劃 (英文課程)
4. 採星計劃 (中文課程) Stella Programme (Chinese courses)
5. Spotlight 小芽課i-Learner Online Pre-School English and Chinese Programme智愛網上幼兒英文及中文課程

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Phone: 3113 8815

Programme Info

Class Size: Maximum 4 students per lesson

Courses 1堂
1 lesson
4 lessons
8 lessons
English Courses
$380 $1280
(average $320/lesson)
(average $285/lesson)
Chinese Courses
$320 $1080
(average $270/lesson)
(average 248/lesson)
Spotlight Programme
Fee 費用 (Payable in advance on a monthly basis 按月收費)
1 Lesson per week
每周一堂 168 元
4 lessons or more per week
每周 4 堂或以上: 每堂 150 元
8 lessons or more per week
每周 8 堂或以上: 每堂 125 元

每堂時間: 中文課及英文1-10級全部每堂1小時10分鐘
Lesson Duration: All Chinese classes and English Classes (L1-10): 70 mins
English Cla sses (L11-12): 1 hour and 30 mins

1. Back-to-School Programme及返校準備中文課程

- Our Online Back-to-School English programme is tailored for all students from Diocesan Girls’ Junior School, Diocesan Girls’ School, St Mary’s Canossian School, St Mary’s Canossian College, Good Hope Primary School, Good Hope Secondary School, Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Section, St. Paul’s Co-educational College Primary School and Sacred Heart Canossian School.

- Each level consists of fifteen unique lessons , five lessons a week for three rounds. Each round is repeated once to give parents more freedom to choose from!

- 學校的功課很難?擔心復課後學校的進度追不上?希望幫助同學為復課及第二學期的考試做準備?以下學校的同學可以根據對應時間表報讀返校準備,其他學校的家長也可以自行組班。

中學:拔萃女書院、 嘉諾撒聖瑪利書院、德望中學


2. Exam Practice 考試預備班

每個時段最多 8 名學生
Maximum 8 students a time slot.

Courses Fee 3堂
3 lesson
6 lessons
9 lessons
Current students
$750 $1500 $2250
Non-current students
$1140 $2280 $3420

*家長需於所約時段最少 5 個工作日前,提供學校詳細考試範圍,方可獲指定學校的校本模擬考卷,否則中心只能將提供按學校大概考試要求的模擬考卷予學生。
*School exam syllabus must be provided at least 5 working days prior to the first exam practice session or a general paper will be prepared.

3.Stella Programme及採星計劃

You might choose one or more of these themed lessons.

● Reading (閱讀)
● Grammar (文法)
● Speaking (口語)
● Literature Analysis (文學分析)
● Creative Writing (寫作)
● Debating (辯論)
● Exam Practice (考試技巧及準備)
● Comprehension (閱讀理解)
● Critical Thinking (批判思考)
● Vocabulary (詞彙
● Verbal Reasoning (口語推論)
● ... and more (更多有趣內容)

4. Booster Programme及智愛中文精選課程

- 現有課程精選課題,讓學生鍛鍊及提升中英文的閱讀、文法、寫作及口語等能力,每周鞏固和掌握好一個技巧!
- Study core language skills in English and Chinese, including grammar, speaking, comprehension and writing.
- Boost your abilities with week-long (5-day) modules, and perfect a new skill every week!

Enrolment Form 報名表

請點選報名課程。Please click on the boxes to enrol in a course. 。

* Please select the dates you wish to register for. Students are welcome to choose from the levels either above or below their own. The teacher will check the choices of parents and students to determine if they are appropriate. If necessary, they will contact the parents and suggest enrollment in other suitable courses.