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1. English Summer Courses (英文課程暑期章程)
2. 中文課程暑期章程
3. 數學及科學課程暑期章程
4. Classics and Modern Languages (古典和現代歐洲語言暑期課程)

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Programme Info

1. Stella Programme及採星計劃

i-Learner Online Learning and Teaching Programme is a small-group tutorial system led by our team of enthusiastic and experienced teachers. We are tapping into the tools at our fingertips to bring our teaching into your home. With the guidance of i-Learner’s teachers via webcam, students can develop their critical thinking skills through reading, research, discussion and writing.

Our Stella online learning programme spans primary and secondary school. Each level consists of 30 unique lessons, which provide great variety and skill-building opportunities. Students can select as many lessons as they like, with a new lesson available at each level every weekday. Students can even add lessons from other levels following assessment or approval from an i-Learner teacher.
智愛採星計劃的學習範圍涵蓋小學和中學。每個級別包含共三十課時幫助學生建立語文技巧,內容新穎,種類繁多。由星期一 至五,每個級別每日都有一堂新的課時,學生可以根據需要選擇任意數量的課時。學生也可以要求報讀其他級別的課堂,我們會請老師評估學生是否適合參加。

Class Size 學生人數 : Maximum 4 students per lesson(上限四人)

● 30 lessons, Monday to Friday, one per day (30節,逢週一至週五,每日一節)
● Levels: Pre-P2 to Pre-S6 升小二至升中六
● Target students: All. Strong students can move 1 to 3 levels up, or can choose topics of interest across a range of levels. Please talk to i-Learner if you need suggestions.

● Fee: $380 per lesson, 20% off for 8 lessons 費用: $380/節;報讀八堂可享八折

費用Course Fee:
Courses 1堂
1 lesson
8 lessons
English Courses
$380 $2432
Chinese Courses
$320 $2048

Lesson Duration 每堂時間 : 70 mins 分鐘
Course Duration: 18th July - 26th August 2022 7月18日 至 8月26日

2. Maths and Science Summer Programme 數學及科學課程暑期章程

1. Summer Regular Courses 暑期常規課程

a. Primary Maths Courses 小學數學課程

○ 智愛數學班 Maths Class
○ 奧數班 Competitive Maths

b. Secondary Maths Courses 中學數學課程

○ 智愛數學班 Maths Class
○ 智愛DSE數學班 DSE Maths
○ IGCSE Maths 數學班 / A-Level Maths 數學班
○ IB Maths 數學班

○ Levels: P1 to S6 小一至中六

○ Target students: Students who would like to have a head start on their school curriculum and learn how to study for examsfor different subjects with i-Learner 適合希望熟習學校課程,為考試作準備的學生

○ Fee: $320/lesson (L1-6) ; $350/lesson (L7-9) ; $400/lesson (L10-12)
○ 費用:$320/節 (一至六級) ; $350/節 (七至九級); $400/節 (十至十二級)

2. Overseas School Admission 11+ & 13+ 海外升學課程

○ Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning 數學及邏輯推理

○ Science 科學

○ Ages: 10 to 18 十至十八歲

○ Target students: Students who would need to go abroad and students who love challenges and puzzles
○ 適合準備出國考試的學生和熱愛挑戰、解難的學生

○ Fee: $550/lesson (group class)
○ 費用:$550/節 (小組)

3. Classics and Modern Languages (古典和現代歐洲語言暑期課程)

● Fun Lingo Courses 有趣外語課程
● Latin 拉丁文
● Classical Greek 希臘文
● Spanish 西班牙文
● German 德文
● French 法文
● Italian 意大利文

● Target Students: Pre-P1 to Pre-S5, Beginners to GCSE Levels 目標學生:升小一至中五,初班到高班

● Medium of Instruction: English 教學語言:英文

● Fee: $380 per lesson, 20% off for 6 lessons

● Amazing Cultures 古希臘、古羅馬和其他燦爛的文化

One-Off Workshops:
Six-week Courses:

Travelling Around the World 環遊世界

● Target Students: Pre-P6 to Pre-S3; Beginners to GCSE Levels
升小六至中三,初學者至 GCSE等級

● Fee: $380 per lesson, 20% off for 6 lessons

Course 1: Greek Mythology 希臘神話

Course 2: Daily Life in Ancient Rome 古羅馬的日常生活

Course 3: Greek Tragedy 希臘悲劇

● Target Students: Pre-P6 to Pre-S6 升小六至中六

● Fee: $380 per lesson, 20% off for 6 lessons

● Language Fun Fair 歐洲語言同樂日

● 9th July (Sat) 18:00 - 19:10 / 13th August (Sat) 18:00 - 19:10
七月九日(星期六)18:00-19:10 及 八月十三日(星期六)18:00-19:10

● Target Students: Pre-P5 to Pre-S3 目標學生:升小五至中三

● Fee: $380 per lesson

4. Fun, Fun, Fun 一起玩!

These are all one-off online workshops in which you can have a lot of fun with our tutors who are eager to share their hobbies and expertise with you! Every Thursday or Saturday, there are different workshops; you will be able to reap all the fun! These one-off workshops can be extended to six upon request.
寓學習於娛樂,逢星期四或六於網上工作坊和用英文和智愛英文老師們一起發掘更多樂趣!每一個帶工作坊的智愛英文老師都是這一方面的 專家呢!學生更可選擇將這些一次性的工作坊延長至六節,盡情享受箇中樂趣!

● These are all one-off workshops in which you can have a lot of fun with our tutors who are eager to share their hobbies and expertise with you! 寓學習於娛樂,於工作坊和老師一起發掘更多樂趣
● Target students: All 適合所有學生
● Options: 選擇 A. 70 min fun and relaxation 70分鐘放鬆玩樂; 選擇 B. 70 min educational activities 70分鐘學習活動

Option A (70 minutes) Option B (70 minutes)

● Sing a Song 一起歌唱

● Dance via Zoom 在家中起舞

● Drama and Theatre 將戲劇帶回家

● My Wall is a Gallery 家中畫廊

● Mindful Breathing 靜觀呼吸

● Art and Craft 美術小手作

● Fun with Science 有趣的科學

● Virtual Museum Visit_The British Museum 大英博物館

● Virtual Museum Visit_The Natural History Museum 自然史博物館

● Virtual Museum Visit_The Uffizi Gallery 烏菲茲美術館

● Virtual Museum Visit_The Rodin Museum 羅丹美術館

● Virtual Museum Visit_The Oxford University and The Ashmolean Museum 牛津大學和阿什莫林博物館

● Virtual Museum Visit _ The Cambridge University and The Fitzwilliam Museum 劍橋大學和菲茨威廉博物館

● Virtual Museum Visit_The Louvre Museum 羅浮宮

Fee: $300 70 min; 20% off for 4 workshops or above.
費用:$300 70分鐘 ; 報讀四堂可享八折

5. One-on-One Project-Based Learning 一起研究!

Do you always have something that you want to study in great depth? Do you always want to study with a positive and constructive tutor who is able to accompany you in this exciting journey of the unknown? Join a tutor for 6 sessions of 70 minute flexible one-on-one online tutorials to explore a topic as a project! Ready to accept the challenge? At the end of each project, you will be able to learn the skills of project-based learning and you will create or find out something with your tutor!
你有想深入研究的課題嗎?你想和充滿智慧、正能量的老師一起探索和享受刺激、好玩的旅程嗎?參加六堂網上 課,每堂七十分鐘的彈性一對一研究,將興趣變為研究課題!準備好接受挑戰嗎?你可學習專題研究的技巧,並和老師一起發掘新奇事物!

● 6 sessions of 70 minute flexible one-on-one tutorials with an i-Learner tutor to explore a topic as a project!

● Fee: $750 x 6 = 4500 per project 費用: $4500

Primary Students 小學 Secondary Students 中學

● Arts and Museums Project 美術和博物館

● Coding Project 遊戲編碼

● Craft Project 創意勞作

● Creative Writing Book Project 我的書

● Crime Detective Project 偵探查案

● Make a Family Album 家庭相簿製作

● Map Project 地圖研習

● Poetry Project 小詩人

● Arts and Museum Project 藝術和博物館

● Competition Project 參加比賽

● Crime Detective Project 偵探查案

● Greek Tragedy Project 希臘悲劇

● Law Project 法律研習

● Psychology Project 心理學

● Renaissance Project 文藝復興

● University Admissions Project 大學預備

● Students can suggest their own project topics. i-Learner will approve based on the availability of tutors.

6. Oxbridge Virtual Experience Camps 網上虛擬牛橋學習體驗營

● Join our online bootcamps to get an immersive Oxbridge experience. These one-week courses are specially designed for top students who are aiming to stretch their knowledge and skills in preparation for applying to Oxford, Cambridge and other world-class universities.

● Grades: Pre-S2 to Pre-S5 升中二至升中五

● Fees: $9,000 per camp;

7. 中文遊蹤

本特別課程共六課時,從7月18日開始,每週一節,以中國歷史的脈絡貫穿,帶領學生遊走在各朝各代,在時代的洪流中,見證朝代主流的文 化、文學及歷史故事,輔以臉譜創作、創意寫作、說話等形式,在趣味中不但培養學生對中文的興趣、提高對中國文化的認識,也幫助積累詞彙、 提升閱讀理解技巧、鍛煉寫作和表達能力,幫助學生在這個春季打下堅實的語文基礎。

● 六節為一級,共四級,每週一節,每節70分鐘

● 升小一至升中三

● 適合所有希望提升對中國歷史、文化的認識,在遊戲中學中文及文化的學生

● 費用:$500/節;報讀六節課可享八折

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